Where do you ship to? 

We ship worldwide including: United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom. Europe, Asia, Middle East, Japan as well as many other countries. 


Where do you ship your products? How long it takes for shipping?

We deliver products from Finland. We provide free shipment, which will take 2-3 business days (including the processing time) respectively such as to United States, Australia, United Kingdom and as well many other countries.


Why can't I find Samsung or any other phone models, do you make accessories for those?

We have a Classy Premium Package which is especially offered for our loyal potential customers, and we customize them according to customer's requests.

Please contact info@idunnor.com for more details.


What shipping rate will be applied worldwide?

Free shipping - 3-5 working days
$69.00 and up Free
Express - 2-3 working days 
$69.00 and up
Express - 2-3 working days 
Express - 2-3 working days 
Express - 2-3 working days  0–$14.99

How to track my order?

We will send you tracking number as soon as your order is processed via email and phone SMS.


How to take care handmade leather accessories?

Each of our products are handcrafted with fine leathers to ensure exceptional quality. In order to maintain the best appearance for an extended period of time, we recommend to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, moisture, and oil based conditions.

Please note that Grain and slight differences of colors are characteristics of genuine leather and are unique to each accessory. Different leathers will react differently to dyes and wear, and the accessory can change appearance over time.

Careful care is recommended since contact with lacquer, perfume or anything containing alcohol can cause damage. Keeping your accessory away from direct sunlight, heat, humidity and water will extend the life of it. Exposure to makeup, oil, dyes and dark denim can stain the leather and be difficult to remove. Be certain to protect your leather from water as this may cause a stain on your item.

When needed, we recommend to wipe the product with a dry lint-free cloth.



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